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I’ve worked in various facets of the software industry for over 15 years and am very passionate about technology and the opportunities in that business arena. My professional experience includes 8 years at Microsoft and a variety of Operational, Account and Project Management, as well as Sales and Marketing positions. I have a strong sense of the corporate world from different aspects of the business and always strive to be a key contributor to the success of the team and the company I work for.

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I'm currently seeking a job opportunity in the technology industry that utilizes my professional skill set and experience.

I am highly motivated, work well in fast-paced, ambiguous environments and have strong technical understanding allowing me to easily become proficient in new technologies. I possess excellent visual and verbal communication skills giving me the ability to interface well with senior level executives and cultivate successful customer relationships. I excel at formulating creative solutions, always striving to fill the needs of the customer while continually growing my business.

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operations account manager

As an Operations Account Manager for the largest retailers for Microsoft, I work closely with Microsoft and Account Sales, Marketing and Operations contacts to ensure the E2E supply chain for product flows smoothly and maintains top optimization, escalation and operations performance. Core competencies and responsibilities include: cultivating client relationships, product assortment, product launch, E2E life cycle, issue resolution, process excellence and performance management.